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Music and Meditation
 Music Affirmations & Meditations    
God Be with You Affirmation of God's Presence  
God Will Take Care... Prayer for the Departed  
He Touched Me Prayer for Spiritual Healing  
Open My Eyes.... Relaxation Meditation   
Sweetly Falls the Spirits..    
Sweet Hour of Prayer    
Pachelbel's Canon Sample
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It is our hope that you find a relaxing oasis on this page. Stay awhile, reflect, relax and enjoy.

"When thou shalt have laid aside thy body, thou shalt rise freed from mortality, and become a God of the kindly skies." (Pythagoras, Greek Philosopher, 508 B.C.)

".....There is a a natural body , and there is a spiritual body."(Bible I Cor. 15-44 KJV)

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." (Bible Eccl. 3-1 KJV)

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